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  The New Queen’s Ha’Penny Consort is a Renaissance recorder group, playing music written between 1450 and 1610. With roots reaching back to the 1980’s in the teaching studio of Robin Goodfellow, a very well-known music teacher based in Oakland, California, the Consort has  performed for thousands of people; at Renaissance Faires and festivals, weddings, themed costumed parties and dances, at concerts, at libraries and museums, and many other programs, events and celebrations.     

Music was a big part of everyday life in the Renaissance, and had a place in every aspect of life. People entertained one another with music, playing whatever combination of instruments they had available. We have made our own arrangements of music that was originally written for lute, for viols or for voices, to suit the range and capabilities of our soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders.

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We are very grateful to Gar Travis, Richard Hartman, Richard Lowe, Rosemary Gugliemiele, Jim Dowdall, Stephen Jacobson , D.D Photography, Tom Donald and so many other photgraphers, known and unknown, who have photographed the group over these many years!


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